about me! ♡

age 16
gender nonbinary? i might have a more specific label but im not sure right now
pronouns any, but i prefer he/they/xe
favorite color pink + blue
aesthetics kidcore, scenecore, lovecore, angelcore, cottagecore
favorite songs rn the mind electric (miracle musical), front street (will wood and the tapeworms), everybody likes you (lemon demon), thoughts and prayers (black dresses), misery go round (night club)
interests splatoon, ssbu, cookie run

i also like drawing and developing my ocs, especially my storyline that im currently working on. im autistic and have adhd and tend to hyperfixate on games or my own projects, but sometimes i hyperfixate on other stuff too. i get very nervous talking to new people so if you decide to message me anywhere for some reason i might not reply. my switch friend code is SW-6638-8191-6799, feel free to add me if you ever want to play games together :)

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